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The common people before a few months still is rising for prices angst unceasingly, inflation and CPI become popular vocabulary for a time. Nevertheless CPI arrived in fall after a rise August the level of 4.9% , chinese economy progress is added fast appear the impetus that puts delay, fear wanting to give place to to inflationary worry shrank. Is research of the first Bostonian China in charge of lucky letter bank a few days ago Chen Changhua is in a problem " does inflation change his political stand shrink? " in the report, point out the economic bibcock that is a delegate with estate industry or had appeared shrink   this report says, show with the findings last year this year, investor now the view to estate value and be widely divergent before New Year. They anticipated tomorrow one year last year the price rises will achieve 14% , but this anticipates the level is only this year 1% . In the investigation last year, of 38% suffer inquirer to point out price of real estate rose one year in the past already exceeded 30% , the person get air of 17% thinks the price rises again even in the coming year 30% , only the person get air of 7% thinks the price can fall. But in the investigation this year, amount to the person get air of 26% to point out estate value is in past drop one year, the investigator that has 39% more predicts the price falls further even in the coming year. Chen Changhua points out, the evidence that produce and sale of eye anteroom land makes work to be like and other places of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangzhou to put delay in main and coastal city is clear. Because estate is in the city zone of a gleam of more develop, the proportion that sale of its house property holds GDP is higher than other area, accordingly, real estate is in these areas put delay bigger to harm sex of economy. Chen Changhua says, this investigation shows house property course of study and even whole economy connect the risk that shrink to appearing. He thinks, in " shrink " of the risk envelop below, the government will have greater freedom to spend go implementing excitant policy, adjust monetary policy especially, glide in order to answer to economy pressure. To fatigued and weak estate market, chen Changhua expresses, administrative layer can adopt more loose policy in order to carry brace up this industry, provide more favorable financing environment to develop business especially. Responsibility edits: King Chinese ink

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