The report shows: World estate price dropped 2008 national leap
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Combine morning paper report according to Singapore, the report that round-the-world estate guideline publishs shows, world estate value has turned to next slippery trends, there is the estate price that reachs 21 nations in 2008 more contemporaneous than last year glide, and only in 2007 5 countries go now to slip. According to the report, after adjusting inflation, chinese Shanghai is to go one year to come house price is the quickest the city that rise, go up panel height is amounted to 27.28% . Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Philippine estate price also appear year than growing. Nevertheless, the estate price of Euramerican country is mostly depressed, the floor price that leads almost whole and Euramerican area glides. Among 33 countries that investigate in this report, those who be located in on the west of Russia is Latvian it is to go one year to come, price of whole world floor drops the country with the biggest range. The floor price that increases in its capital dropped actually 33.08% . In addition, the United States is the country that another floor price falls the againest, index of CaseShiller house price shows, the floor price of American main city is in the 2nd season came 2007 2008 between the 2nd season, dropped 15.4% . The report says, although American government just is announcing several days ago, it plans to roll out a value of 700 billion dollar save financial system form a complete set, will buy all undesirable property, see the pressure with constrictive credit with Shu, but people thinks this still cannot prevent floor price generally glide. Contrary, the building city of this traceable United States is catastrophic, already " infect " the whole world many countries. Although England carried out a few new measure to revitalize building city, but floor price still dropped one year in the past 6.33% . Similar case also happens in and other places of Spain, Ireland, Korea. Responsibility edits: King Chinese ink

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