Will house price fall inside 10 years go 50% ? Land agent begins to depreciate c
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Glide ceaselessly as estate sale, chinese land agent is after the dogged resistance that passes a few months, final choice is concessional, begin to reduce landed price considerably. Analytic personage thinks, depreciate whether prevent estate market successfully to glide, will decide on certain level the economy of the China inside a year takes future situation. China is badly in need of expanding inside need to export fatigued and weak influence in order to offset. Our newspaper reports landed investment invests to be occupied mediumly in Chinese fixed assets integratedly amount to than   24% . Economist JonathanAnderson expresses lucky silver, "Landed industry position holds the balance. " he predicts, chinese real estate and bldg. will rebound at tending stability appears first half of the year next year. But a lot of land agent are gliding for sale reach financing to suffer be restricted and pained unceasingly. Estate market even more of China comes 10 years all the time high speed grows, but began since the bottom 2007 oneself refluent. This year 1~7 month, estate sales volume relatively the corresponding period decreased last year 11% , make develop one disaster after another of business capital condition. Below such setting, development business begins to reduce landed price considerably. China is the biggest appear on the market landed development business 10 thousand divisions take the lead in depreciating by August oneself, involve the main city such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, fall most be as high as 27% . Its a person of same business also must reduce the price like golden land group. Benefit praise analyst MatthewKong thinks, "Depreciate to mean development business to abandon seek sudden huge profits nevertheless, accept normal gain level. " profit margin of Chinese estate company is general prep above 30% , a lot of development business still have depreciate space. Sale or be an apart hair business is final surviving method, but the person that buy a house is wait-and-see the sentiment is strong, your market worries about continuance of exhausted state of Chinese room city. Fine horse of horse of economist of heart volition bank says, "Depression of predicting market of most development business will last one year longer even. " price of house of   of   pessimistic sound will fall inside 10 years go 50%   has statistic to show, gap of fund of Chinese building city is as high as 300 billion yuan, accordingly, the building city that longs for capital delivers the view of ask for help for a time to insurance fund. Planning to allow insurance fund sortie first in draft of castigatory insurance law praedial. However, the insurance fund that the hand holds heavy gold does not plan to act as it seems that of real estate " help straw " . The Chinese keeps asset senior researcher Ling Xiuli is bright a few days ago the pessimism that gave her to be in a group to be aimed at house price says or state with certainty: Domestic house price can fall 10 years, shrink 50% complete likelihood. "Big in the risk that urban house price has collapse at any time, before residential price had be notted adjust adequately, insurance fund ought to determined and evasive. " the estate company worry of   lack capital is increasingly aggravating, appeal the government loosens a bank in succession leasehold limitation. However, chinese government is not eager to the adjustment of interpose estate market it seems that. Chinese people bank and silver-colored inspect are met the last ten-day of a month gave out an announcement say in August, should build administration of loan of the project that use the land and management of commerciality estate credit strictly. The market inspects the signal that to won't be in the near future loosens estate credit. Policy walks along situation   or profit from " maintain growth " finance and economics of National People's Congress of whole nation of measure   China appoint vice director, before Wu Xiaoling of assistant president of Chinese people bank is last week on a forum express, china is put in estate bubble, "If do not wish to make estate bubble slow and undone now, hold it in the palm artificially however (house price) . So, 10 years when Japan loses, of the United States the future that today is China. "   does not pass, face the aggravation of international and domestic economic situation, china has reduced loan in not long ago standard interest rate grows with maintaining economy, the market is expecting Chinese government uses finance policy, increase investment strength or decrease duty to glide in order to prevent economy. This is the signal with a good profit probably to real estate. "Chinese general basis is factual circumstance, specific aim ground takes adjusting control step, maintain macroscopical economic stability, exert oneself enhances the inherent power that economy grows, dig the tremendous latent capacity that economy increases effectively, achieve economy hard long-term and stable rapidder development. " Li Kejiang of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council expresses in Zhou San. Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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