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Rebuild through nearly 3 months, of disaster area masses how to live? On September 18, research advisory group and China helped entrepreneur of deficient foundation He Youcheng up to helped deficient foundation up to be released jointly at 0 o'clock " life of dweller of 12 earthquakes disaster area monitors 5 · " 2 period result. Investigation shows, exceed half the number (52.3%) masses predicts to return to normal the life needs above time two years. And half month produces in the earthquake in head period in investigation, close half the number is stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses (can return to normal inside 46%) predicting half an year the life. Pass nearly 3 months rebuild period, the long-term sex that disaster area masses works to rebuilding and arduous sex had rational knowledge. This period the result comes from at bamboo of in relief to continous, continous, how county, the questionnaire of 784 stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses investigates and other places of Jiang Yan, Peng Zhou, Chengdu, and the deepness interview that stricken be hit by a natural adversity to official of many government of local and part masses undertakes. Rebuild through nearly 3 months, each field requirement got disaster area masses very big improvement, especially housing condition. Should be asked about " which are improved on one hand the most remarkable " when, housing condition with of 42.5% allude lead a list the first. But examine minutely further " the respect that needs improvement most at present " when, housing condition with of 38.9% allude rate as before row the first. A large number of board rooms that early days finds a place for level is built quickly, solved the tent problem of dweller of disaster area millions effectively. But the change of the elapse as time and masses demand, room of eye header board is changed in convenience sex, comfortable sex, human nature wait for a respect to all satisfy requirement hard, live especially convenience sex respect. Investigation shows, the 5 gets the person that visit to hope to get most at present helps that become above are perfected namely or increase the establishment of life form a complete set of periphery of board room area. "The kitchen is to had been built now, but leave too far, no-go, we cook in board room commonly now, do not accord with a regulation again so, because of use electric equipment too much, voltage is insufficient, old tripping operation. Lived 3 two months, cooking still is very troublesome. " one stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses says village of river lasher hardworking and thrifty. Bathe and go up the toilet also is a big question. This village suffers the person that visit another times to say, "Have the place that bathes technically, but not be to always have hot water, when to have hot water also perhaps, see somebody carries a basin to wash namely, go accordingly rapidly, the person is particularly much. Wash occasionally half do not have water. Still have get up in the night to urinate is no-go also in the evening, because the toilet leaves very far. "   comes as the hiemal, the no-go meeting of these basic life problems is more and more apparent. When can occupy is permanent housing is the problem that disaster area masses pays close attention to most at present (77.2%) , also be one of important signs that they think the life returns to normal (62.6%) . This second investigation inspected 18~55 year old the obtain employment circumstance of disaster area masses, the person of 52% expresses to do not have the job at present, the person of 41.4% begins to pursue the job previously, the person of 6.5% found new job. The help that body of this age Duan Qun hopes to get most at present, it is occupy above all permanent housing (77.2%) , hope to get working chance namely next (48.3%) . Investigate discovery, although find a place for in each board rooms area all paste has an enterprise to hire general rules, but hire an object to basically be centered in 20~40 year old between, very rare slant in the light of the age of swarm body hire. Life of the existence in aid of obtain employment of area of speak or sing alternately gets used to difficult question, it is in order to install a county exemple, area of aid of this county speak or sing alternately is Liaoning, although condition of invite applications for a job is advantageous, but local dweller to whether get used to northward climate condition and Lv of impeach of heart of habits and customs, affected service sendout and obtain employment proportion. Masses compensates policy to was not made clear because of housing and still the part does not wish to go out Wu labour, service sendout and obtain employment proportion were affected on certain level. The post that install a county installs a village one country stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses says, "We do not have a house now, if the government gives us the business of program house, have the word of what allowance and policy, must want somebody to be in the home, have not enough time otherwise. So we can work around only, I do casual in continous this world namely. "   solves obtain employment problem, it is post of creation obtain employment, 2 it is obtain employment ability be modelled again and get used to a problem, hind attached most importance to especially to job of disaster area obtain employment should. Economy of the region after calamity differs somewhat before development mode and calamity, industry of travel industry, construction all can be put in the bigger demand that use worker worker, build industry mechanic especially rare be short of, building coolie daily wages is shake almost double before, still put in breach of choose and employ persons. Still have advantage of a few resource, if New Year picture, inwrought industrialization develops a tendency, also can bring about the new requirement that use worker worker. Accordingly, skill of specific aim obtain employment grooms quite necessary, in " the help that hopes to get most at present " and " why is organization of hope living village planted activity " in, have the 21.1% problems that mentioned obtain employment skill clearly to groom with the masses of 27.6% respectively. The organization of government sector, NGO, enterprise that use worker worker all can serve as the principal part that supplies obtain employment to groom. Responsibility edits: King Chinese ink

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