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IPO is fatigued and weak, debt financing is not easy, opportunity of illicit collect orgnaization highlights   west adage to say: God closes a door, can open a window. Face the wave motion of global money market, a lot of investor are in leave the stock market cloudily when, international 4 big accountant go one of De Qin discovers, illicit collect equity invests (Private Equity, PE) orgnaization is in China ready to do sth. Because IPO market slants soft reach debt financing to tighten up, bring about opportunity of illicit collect market to be highlighted relatively. This personnel that expedite undertook investigating in August this year, to seeming China 30 PE that have actual strength relatively invest an orgnaization, advisory content is these orgnaizations to Chinese PE market now besides reach future the development conception of 12 months. Deqin Asia-Pacific area and adviser of Chinese region finance affairs serve officer partner Xie Jilong on September 23 to " daily of the first finance and economics " the report that showed them to be investigated this, the result shows, 2008 first half of the year, china shows his tremendous potential, become Asia-Pacific area each market (do not include Japan) in the market that acquires highest PE to invest amount. In the investigation that has in De Qin, the integral level that 87% suffer the person that visit to think to invest an activity will rise or maintain existing level, among them, growth equity invests (Growth Equity) takes dominant place apparently, becoming basically trade type; 60% suffer the person that visit to anticipate trading average scale will increase, because they predict company future needs more capital to expand business, and in light of current IPO, still difficult cast off condition of exhausted weak force, and be in China, debt financing is relatively difficult. 73% suffer the person that visit to express clearly, they are met more the management that actively shares the business that be bought in level of board of directors, buy reach the general affairs such as business development, strategy and financing. In most suffer chase after hold industry respect in both hands, suffer the person that visit to think, consumptive industry (industry of 21%) , power (20%) reachs production industry (16%) is future a year main growth industry, great majority suffers the person that visit (83%) is interested in clean energy industry, because this industry can get a government,allowance can obtain credit to support business development. Those who deserve attention is, the real-estate industry that once was valued by orgnaization of numerous foreign capital is held in both hands this no longer by heat, xie Jilong discloses, although fund of collect of before last year 3 big illicit trades to all belong to estate assets, but have 8% this only suffer the person that visit to represent future industry of 12 months real-estate still has an opportunity. Exceed half the number (the delegate of illicit collect orgnaization of 63%) thinks hopefully, the Chinese company with meeting occurrence higher quality shares the market reach change PE to financing; And meanwhile, suffer the person that visit to think generally, because the stock market still is put in uncertainty, the market will ask actualer appraise is worth. Although manager of illicit collect fund people one year to future PE market of China has hope quite, but Xie Jilong emphasizes particularly, these orgnaizations to buying way still deflection is careful. In fact, because Chinese PE market is still at present immature, superintendency environment is not quite effective, in investigation, they think comprehensive sex is bought generally trade won't increase in great quantities. Service of equity of collect of illicit of De Qin China is in charge of copartner ancient rich (Chris Cooper) complement says: "The biggest challenge that code superintends PE of China be regardinged as to invest an orgnaization to develop place to be faced with. The measure of a few administration that superintendency orgnaization near future issues reachs legislative provision, make clear intended and short-term tighten up and control foreign investment. " at the same time investigation shows   , those who have about 77% suffer the person that visit to express, in view of IPO market exhausted weak, market presence uncertainty and exit appraise to be worth on the low side, this exits reason market activity anticipates can decrease. De Qin points out, besides superintend with IPO market fatigued and weak, another problem that PE faces is fund liquidity superfluous, go up in appreciation service and surplus capital forces PE to put in more energy is not pure financing activity. RMB currency value is fluctuant also cause an effect to PE market, because the RMB appreciates continuously,become the powerful driving force that seeks Chinese capital fund. However, the near future is macroscopical the development that economic norms fails to support this trend, affect to the fund that is worth with dollar appraise bigger. Responsibility edits: King Chinese ink

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