Beautiful couplet property: Shanghai exceeds 4 to want to the house is bought in
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Near future of department of research of market of property of Shanghai beautiful couplet is aimed at 500 ages from 25-65 year old potential client had store of beautiful couplet door survey, the client that has 46% among them expresses to the house is bought inside year; And the room of the 2nd ring that regards improvement as housing condition is occupied 50% , make the main trend of the market. Landed China net is newest know. The room of the 2nd illegally buy up that improves housing condition is occupied 50% , buy a house for the first time occupy 45% , the improvement crowd amount with rigid demand as before proportion is larger, go up in product area demand improvement client is favorite most the room source of the room that those who accept favour is 80-100 smooth rice area, go up in area limits inside in the room demand between annulus is occupied higher relatively 38% , next ordinal for core 37% , annulus of China and foreign countries 22% , with outer shroud outside 3% . Investigation still shows, there are 46% considerations in the person that be visited the house is bought inside year, the scale that the house buys inside half an year among them is occupied 10% . The consideration is occupied one year to what the house buys inside 3 years 37% , consideration 3 occupy to what buy 5 years 17% . The difference of the psychological price that should ask about a client to buy a house and eye anteroom price, although only the client of 3% thinks uptodate house price accords with psychological price, but once house price fell,the person be visited that has 20% additionally expresses 10% the left and right sides, the meeting after reaching the price that psychology expects namely moves to buy a house immediately. With last year client " bullish not be expected to fall " state of mind differs somewhat, from this year the macroscopical adjusting control of the beginning of the year and the behavior that the ministry sends business to have a discount in the light of the market apart since this year make partial client shakes somewhat, the judgement of the city after be opposite also had a few change. Result of this survey of second client state of mind shows beautiful couplet property, think to the person walk along what there is 62% in light of situation to be visited of prospective house price the conference is small drop, the person of 20% thinks to be able to go up, the crowd of 6% thinks to keep balance, only the person be visited of nearly 12% thinks to be able to drop greatly. Li Zhixian of vise general manager of beautiful couplet property expresses, because of the influence of the Olympic Games, "Jin Jiuyin 10 " after will be being delayed, during this estate market can have certain and rigid demand to release, but whole estate buys what seller's market still will continue for some time to adjust. The market still has the demand that comparative and opportunity, but key or price are reasonable, whether to accord with the psychological price of common people. What began house price last year is not rational rose to bring about current market to drop eventually situation, but government and common people place expect the rational regression that we can see room value, after all the market still wants to be decided by the demand that takes most group. Responsibility edits: King Chinese ink

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