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"We will establish amount the fund of collect of domestic estate illicit of billions of capital, the development business that lacks cash to those is urgent blood transfusion, with share, buy the item that waits for means to invest them. Still will participate in domestic land sale at the same time. " the initiator Qian Shenghui of room of Shanghai folk safeguard yesterday to " daily economy news " divulge, he already invested an orgnaization to come to an agreement with several folk, consider establishing amount to amount to billions of yuan illicit collect fund, in order to carry out an industry " save oneself " .   of of overseas financing take a drastic measure to deal with a situation last week, big rub, Gao Cheng, Hua Qi, Lei Man abroad cast come out in succession all right message, value Chinese building city no longer, what support them some real-estate projects of purpose complete undersell. Big rub release a report to think, "China each house price of main city falls urgently already. We think estate market dies dish of possibility is very tall, to banking profit will cause major impact. " in fact, it is early before the storm of wall street finance last week, lei Man's brother sells their estate item in Shanghai in seek all the time. This year June, big rub the hotel apartment of the scope of operation of bright and beautiful Lin that begins to hawk its to invest in new scope of operation. According to the 5 statistic that add up to international, 3% what foreign capital occupies estate to invest amount only, but the collective of foreign capital leaves, to the psychological influence of the market, outclass is actual action. Now, lei Man's brother more the plan bales commercial real estate alone sell, in order to avoid integral asset sacrifice. Below such circumstance, nature of Chinese building city also won't be abroad fund place to value. Under financial storm, each bank systole borrows money, cause global money market to tighten up, abroad fund also faces a showing pressure. "Development business people hit scarcely from before fold, depreciate substantially to now, let abroad fund feel risk of city of investment home building is very big. " the state of mind that leaf of director of department of investment of area of travel China north builds Dai Deliang to describe current and abroad fund so. Fall in the circumstance with global banking unidentified environment especially, abroad fund people the estate that cheapens considerably to facing a possibility, resemble be being valued in that way before no longer. Another of the property below banner of abroad fund disposal of goods at reduced prices main reason is, investment return rate is not high. Public data shows, by big rub the hotel type boarding house that sell, average rent return rate is in 7% the left and right sides. Xie Jiancheng thinks, at present financial environment of the whole world falls, "The investment project that more return rate exceeds 10% appears in the market, why does fund consider the estate of 7% to invest a project even? "   5 add up to Zou Yi of international general manager to think, domestic real-estate project enters the space on price not only very small, hire ascendant space is very little also. Above sea hire goes up office building is a the fastest first class exemple, although the hire price this year still is rising, but as a result of next year supply blowout, the market anticipates hire will drop. Divide in addition, because a large number of hotel project supply, also exist drop possibility. Only exception, the likelihood has large market only. But get global economy low confuse an impact, the hire of bazaar rises extent also very will finite. Fund of estate illicit collect or into " the nova that help city "   is landed to major country for the company, depreciate only probably 20% above, ability gives the goods in stock in the hand as soon as possible, flow in order to save flimsy ready money. But development business is not willing to be done so mostly however. They think, the real net gain of the project also has 20% only, depreciate 20% as good as at " hero breaks wrist " , such level still reachs without difficulty apparently before. Below such circumstance, fund of civilian illicit collect begins to become the investor with domestic landed serious market. "We do not choose to trade with abroad fund. " Dai Zhengfang of manager of department of China company sale discloses, because trade with foreign capital formalities is too trival, trade time is too long, examine and approve difficulty tall, difficulty of settlement of exchange is great, this company abandons foreign capital client basically already at present. Real-estate project hands in easy agent Jiang Ziyang to think, replace abroad development business, become landed company " emancipator " , will be domestic company and domestic sth used to one's own advantage. Qian Shenghui introduces, invest fund of estate illicit collect, it is the enterprise outside a few industries that want to enter estate field. The common feature of these enterprises is not familiar to landed industry, fear higher risk, the requirement is inferior but clear investment redound. Be about to start with Qian Shenghui too economic villa project is the storehouse exemple, although every economy is villatic price only 500 thousand yuan, development wool interest rate is less than 20% , far under industry average, but the project that still the enterprise is willing to invest him. He expresses, some enterprises are only to year of redound requirement of real-estate project 6% , this makes hopeful of fund of collect of civilian estate illicit becomes building city " the nova that help city " . Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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