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Landed confidential word: Fall business of house price development should follow

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Went up to see gladly in the late evening yesterday, go up to be mixed Saturday of weekday clinch a deal the trend that the capacity presents to pick up substantially, compare compared to the same period last year still sold a few more, for the small town confusing a building of this much to becoming silent day, it is a good news really. Open computer this morning nevertheless, see a lot of familiar famous experts begin to borrow this to boast: "Building city has anabiosised in the round " " spring has come in the round. " see these articles let me be between tears and smiles. This is just like the winter in chill, a person sees a bundle of blooming plastic flower suddenly on the ave, cry greatly: "Spring arrived, let us shuck off winter dress " , the result has only: Freeze to death your bifurcation holds out. On the weekend two days clinch a deal the volume rises, basically have tripartite face reason: It is car of home of the illicit after the Olympic Games ends give limitation of travel only even numbers to cancel, come the person discharge of the selling office increases apparently; 2 it is development business to capture 9, the gold October is sold period, in succession open quotation sale, market supply increases substantially; 3 it is numerous project rolled out special offer room, the big be left speechless with wonder or fear making a person of price rebate extent, project of 4 annulus some is achieved east 4 fold. Analyse afore-mentioned 3 reasons, it is the most important that I think what the volume rises to clinch a deal impetus still is the 3rd, the tall discount that develops business had crucial effect, become building city to clinch a deal the source that measures ascendant power. I had said early, develop business to want to survive now, everybody is counted on on, only way depreciates namely save oneself. Will tell to developing business, anyhow, only the market clinchs a deal the quantity restored, the building that put an amount is covered showed, holding cash in the pocket just is most of free from anxiety. Perhaps still development business still is in the condition of be in a dilemma that house price does not fall, for instance house price fell, the owner of early days can come make trouble, house price falls how many appropriate etc. In waiting to wander actually, house price falls exchange clinch a deal the gold opportunity of the quantity was lost, if wait for building city complete be on the wane to be in,carry out save oneself, oneself are true from death by a definite date is not far. How to fall after all house price, development business mights as well abide by the following 4 principles: One, fall late be inferior to falling early. The truth that falls early is here I need not expend talking around more, 10 thousand divisions, medium the action proof with the sea, big constant, in the market queasy in, who makes the move that mirror and pays the first times, who can obtain best result. The times of king is in cash, who is the person buy a house that can capture those to losing demand for a short while, who can obtain the market to counterpoise actively, in building city turbulent years can be obtained not only live opportunity, more important can be in the market is small a favourable turn that development finds to expand in confusing. 2, dark fall as bright fall. Develop price of Shang Mingming house not less to had dropped, but the kind that takes block cloak cover mostly. It is to feel embarrassed on one hand, the most important still be afraid that old client looks for the trouble that comes to look for his. Fall in market economy environment actually, commodity has go up have dropping is to be in the phenomenon that does not pass normally, had not seen the stock fell the trouble that everybody seeks certificate business or go hitting break a stock exchange. 10 thousand divisions make known his position clearly, to the compensatory problem of old client, unless have building quality problem, other entirely does not grant to accept. Since house price falls,be hasten of general trends place, development business moves valence to not was necessary to covering to be being built at all, rise clinch a deal the quantity just is good sense. 3, chase fall to reach the designated position as. Development business reduces house price, those who adopt is the method that drops group by group, it is to explore on one hand the client's report, him for fear that falls much be in an unfavorable situation, also be afraid that house price falls at the same time too much, bring about the intense report of the person that already bought a house, provoke abominable incident. But current market condition, it is development business need is resolved make make a decision, overcautious and indecisive or " break an arm to seek to live on " , if develop business to want to open sale phase quickly, the step that must take is house price falls reach the designated position, less than 7 fold do not depreciate stoutly, if divide second depreciate group by group, final result is house price a week falls, in heart of the person that buy a house abysmal, do not know when house price falls in the end, final result is the house that everybody won't buy you. 4, empty does not fall according to the facts. Have development business to attract a client, always try to make fun of a few petty trick " flicker " the person that buy a house, take half basement for instance sell when special offer room, the room make it that there are distribution room or conduit house on the side 5 lose privilege. When the market is good, probably these trick can have certain sales promotion effect. The person that buy a house nowadays is true god, if god discovers you cheated him, the choice of sacred only hits you namely jail of go to the fields. The determination that if once fell,depreciate,develops business accordingly, adopt real privilege to let the person that benefit buys a house, this ability is the person that buy a house " one's mind disturbed " essential. Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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