Kinmen-Xiamen International Plaza office building in the hardcover sold Kai
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Kai International Plaza is located in the Nanjing Road and the intersection of Anshan Road, Tianjin rare downtown urban core and lies adjacent to the sea-ji, Nanjing Road Commercial Street, Binjiang Road and Anshan West Road shopping district Electronics; nearly 50 bus routes across it , Metro Line, Nanjing Road, Anshan Road and Wei Jin Road, and other cities gathered here artery, to build a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, and instantly accessible in all major transportation nodes, control and wealth of urban traffic artery; around the big, Nankai other name school waited for opportunities, strong business climate business, Carrefour, KFC, Suning, Gome and other international and domestic brands are located here, tonight, Hotel, Hotel, Kanazawa-star hotel is surrounded by land values of self-evident. Kai International Plaza office building in the framework of the office-wide pattern, according to customer demand for spatial segmentation and planning, from 90 to 1,200 square meters of space separated combination of flexible, 3.3 meters high to meet a variety of office space requirements. Business Club Special supporting facilities, including multi-media conference rooms, VIP business meetings rooms, business center, so that the absolute position of the enterprise business functions from the concrete support and reflect. Kai International Plaza in Century British brands also will hire a property management agency responsible for the project JOHNWOOD property management, office management services to the UK into the top-Kai International Plaza
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