Nov. office vacancy rate was down
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Research Consulting Shanghai Zhongyuan latest data show that in November the city's Grade A office vacancy rate has dropped significantly, has slipped to 10%. Vacancy rate of all district declined to different degrees, including People's Square shopping district the most significant decline, but the vacancy rate is still highest in the region of the first; Nanjing West Road shopping district, followed by decline in vacancy rates; vacancy rate remains the lowest commercial Huaihai Zhong Road circle. November 2010, the city's average vacancy rate reached 9.90%, compared with a decline in October, the overall level of control back to 10%. Huaihai Road shopping district vacancy rate of 9.52%, the lowest vacancy rate in the city's business circle; small Lujiazui business district vacancy rate of the second, was 9.57%; the Hongqiao Development Zone, the vacancy rate was 9.85%; another three core business district vacancy rate of more than 10 %: Nanjing West Road business district vacancy rate was 10.13%, 10.32% vacancy rate of the People's Square, Xujiahui business district vacancy rate reached 10.12%. Research Consulting Shanghai Zhongyuan Ma Ji, senior research manager believes that the global economy stagnating, Eurozone debt crisis re-upgrade, office leasing market to rely on the rapid growth of the domestic economy, to give a strong office rental market support. Beginning last year, the expansion of domestic demand for banking institutions to drive to pick up small Lujiazui area of the lease. The medicine, electronics and other industrial enterprises of the state aid office space demand is also increasing. The focus of this year's office vacancy rate in the region than before the crisis situation has markedly improved. However, due to the impact of global economic integration, even more far-reaching, while the external economic uncertainty affects the foreign companies in Shanghai. Shanghai is the main business district the main area of foreign troops. In the background of the global economic downturn, the future office building vacancy rate in Shanghai will be repeated shocks, out of the stalemate in the state, but also the confidence of the global economic recovery.