Poly Central Plaza office market created a miracle
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Office market in Guangzhou in 2010, is destined to be shocked, shocked! Poly Real Estate in Guangzhou days of Hebei CBD core area of carefully crafted Poly Central Plaza (Forum Photos apartment showroom Reviews Map Search) in 11 early April grand opening, the opening day, from 7 am starting to have clients come to marketing centers to wait in line until about 9:00 more than three hundred names were gathered "hard-core" customers, many customers in the home under the guidance of consultants, have confirmed that floor, size, ready to activities as quickly as possible after the start of "grab" to their own heart of water units, it is understood in the Poly Plaza office space that can be sold only 5 million square meters, facing more than 300 "hardcore" in hot pursuit of customers, can be described as hard to get a seat. After some waiting, at 10:00 am sharp, the project officially opened, customers have been shot opening grab information room, Poly Plaza project in the first sale of the units were sold out in just 20 minutes, a number of grab not gathered in the waiting room area customers require developers to add other units to push, because the atmosphere is too warm, push developers to rapidly add 1 unit, but the increase pushed the unit in just half an hour was enthusiastic customers buy completed. Customer enthusiasm and atmosphere of the infection site developers, the strong demand of customers in the field, the Poly Plaza only in the 2nd Canadian to push units, but again, the unit has also been added to push customers robbed in a short time empty. Less than 12 noon, Poly Plaza up for sale in the volume basically sold out, opening a success. According to statistics, within 2 hours in the opening day turnover more than 700 million yuan, breaking the office market in Guangzhou City, sales of new single-day high, but also created a miracle in Guangzhou office turnover rate, such a brilliant performance in the office market in Guangzhou, it can be said is unique, then the Poly Central Plaza is how to achieve such a sales miracle? Our depth of its dialysis, to see why so hot. Investors into commercial property investment value of commercial real estate highlights Currently, real estate investors looking to get into commercial real estate has become a trend, especially in the commercial real estate, "lying with" the office market, but also highlights its potential value was optimistic about the market. In recent years, development of the market trend, there is a huge market demand for office space, making the steady upward trend in rent levels, investment in office buildings to benefit more than the investment in residential and commercial real estate investment as a more rational, so the investment risk is relatively low, especially commercial real estate over time, lots more mature characteristics of the higher income began to be focused on the market. Market demand is the driving force to promote the investment boom office, the office market can be expected to set off the next investment boom. Hebei days CBD core, good location, the scarcity of strong Poly can be described in the Plaza location, unique, the project is located in Guangzhou, the most mature and most prosperous, matching the most complete and most cosmopolitan CBD days Hebei District, Guangzhou, brought together around half of Class A and Grade A office buildings in the world 500 companies gathered with more than 40 global financial institutions hoot surprised to form the Asia Pacific Economic ripple effect "Guangzhou Wall Street." The days of Hebei CBD after years of development, has entered a mature stage of stable development, is currently little in the sale of real estate, to invest in developing the next 1-3 years may not many commercial properties, especially as the Poly Plaza this lot in good , but also the level of integration with the international high-end commercial property supply is scarce. Guangzhou East Railway Station ports, transport facilities unique Poly Plaza around in the traffic network developed, the "Eight Point One" (Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train, two subway station, the Pearl River New City APM rapid transit system, light rail Guangzhou-Kowloon, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Express, Airport Express, a large bus terminus) of the complete three-dimensional transport hub at the core, not only has the huge flow of people along with the opportunities to enjoy the more leisurely days of Hebei prosperous, and Hong Kong and Macao into the traffic circle to 1 hour , multi-dimensional transportation network, as many need to Hong Kong and Macau and the PRD, and dark close business dealings of the enterprise has brought great convenience. Urban complex of international level, the development potential Poly Plaza Guangzhou is rare in the urban complex projects, north and south by commercial podium and two towers, consisting of Grade A offices, serviced apartments, large high-end shopping malls, covering about 1.2 million square meters, the total building area of over 92,000 square meters. Office space for the tenant companies to provide international quality business space, more than 1 million square meters of large commercial office buildings and the surrounding populations for the provision of high quality shopping and leisure areas, to meet all types of consumer, food demand, and apartments, compared with Poly Central Plaza features into a residence, business people will resolve the housing problem in urban centers, but also for enterprise business reception and mobile business to provide an excellent living space. Office buildings, apartments, commercial and effective complement to the Poly Plaza project in enhancing the vitality of the same time, more to keep it lasting prosperity, and other formats than mere property, Poly Plaza in this city is undoubtedly more complex proactive appreciation for the owners to get more benefits. "Father of China Pavilion", recruited pen to create any mirror, the top hardware and software infrastructure configuration Department of Poly famous door in the Plaza, owned by the "Father of the China Pavilion," said Mr. He Jingtang writer design to build, office first floor lobby area of 500 square meters, with a ceiling height of 10 meters, can be described as his best style, 14 German-Thyssen Krupp Elevator is the vertical movement of the guarantee business, restaurant, sun, sky high Star Club in Guangzhou, the whole configuration of intelligent car parks are places of clients, while the floors 4.2 meters, decorated with clear height of 3.05 included in the price m the highest standards of Guangzhou, without beam, pillar free interval commercial space without borders, but also moved the focus of the owners. Finale implement additional high-level units, stationed in the Plaza Poly last chance Poly Plaza with the opening in the hot, when you push open the volume has been basically sold out, to meet market demand, the current high-level units add the final push, in addition to a small number of standard floor units, plus push the 30-32 layer high-end products tailored specifically for the strength of the enterprise, such units not only in the landscape, sight better than the standard level units, also set up a high-ceilinged lobby of 12.6 meters in the air, so that the strength of enterprises stationed in heavily.