"After be in charge of first, borrow " mode of new-style mortgage financing can
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Credit multiplied below constrictive environment a variety of capital channel. Common folk is put borrow group month interest to achieve 8%-15% , have more very person 30%-50% . Under photograph comparing, the loan interest expense of lawful hock industry collection or more reasonable 3%-5% differ.

A kind of new-style financing mode appeared on the market now " after be in charge of first, borrow " , borrow money after hock first namely, saying exactly is hock and confluence of bank loan photograph realize synchronism to undertake, have economic interest and loan fast

Spend sharp good point.

Economic monthly interest ceases

Traditional hock mode is with similar house property such pawn does guaranty hind, hock is a client to provide loan by total guaranty value soon, loan time limit varies a few days to a year, during this, till till pay off pawn loan amount,borrower must pay hock travel leasehold lunar interest.

"After be in charge of first, borrow " in appeared tripartite namely borrow assure orgnaization, occupy those who roll out breed of this new business " Wei Jia Anjie " company introduction, the individual that has loan to be pawn with housing, individual management owner, can entrust below the circumstance that is badly in need of capital have enough to meet need borrow finance to assure the orgnaization undertakes level sex assures. Assure the company lends his name harmonious hock travel and bank are put borrow the time difference between, pay guaranty house property the debt that square borrower needs all right by hock first, wait for a bank to put the debt that after borrowing, goes short-term loan hock again to pay off, saved the giant month interest that entrusts hock to need to pay all right alone.
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