If insurance of office building of route of the subway that carry an edge has th
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Office building is good investment product, how to choose? The property naturally inside area of popular business affairs not two anthology. In the meantime, the office building property of upper cover of iron of inland of business affairs area, also be an absolutely good way. Because be in Guangzhou, the subway means the speed of a travel and the efficiency that handle affairs.

Current, subway amount is not much still, the office building property of subway along the line is not much also, a section of a highway such as district of city of new city of road of north of the Milky way, the Milky way, Pearl River, annulus is the place that already the subway collects office building again, investor but advertent. A young white-collar friend, house property invests first two years ago, first selection the square in the boast of day of Heibei forest and subway station upper cover. This astute lady says, once had wanted to invest the residence, but see a lot of friend hack houses suffer finally after the botch that rent a settle or live in a strange place, choose the office building property with opposite less take a lot of trouble with respect to the decision, "Come, hire a guest to like his to decorate office building, oneself need not capital of bad news energy, cost goes decorating property; 2 come, of office building hire a guest to be given priority to with the company more, won't rent a settle or live in a strange place like the residence in that way regular meeting has the troublesome incident such as water, report, electric equipment to need his to handle; Of course, the most crucial still is the residence of return rate prep above of office building. The most crucial still is the residence of return rate prep above of office building..

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