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Beijing Olympic Games will be pulled open formally after 22 days 2008 prelusive, arrive from the government enterprise or business unit, arrive from staff member of Olympic Games Organizing Committee average citizen, everybody is held in the victory that is an Olympic Games make final preparation. Rather his each industry is same, in the process that capital business company is preparing an Olympic Games from beginning to end do one's best. Draw near increasingly in the Olympic Games when, capital business is in upgrade service level while, adopted multinomial act to ensure the goods that offers high quality for consumer during the Olympic Games and service. The reporter visited understanding to arrive recently, business overtakes an industry to suit " be restricted to go " have market of enough stock, home appliance is escape height ahead of schedule off-season change busy season, " green goes out row " the 3 big characteristics that the idea urges hot bicycle to hire carry out to make current capital trade.

Characteristic one

Suit " be restricted to go " have ahead of schedule enough stock

Beijing greets control of Olympic Games traffic to set (the following abbreviation " be restricted to make all right " ) partial clause already was carried out heal 20 days, the reporter was in the supermarket such as beauty of a Le Fu, Woerma and Beijing guest grand, content to notice recently, the stock up such as daily food is enough. But with what differ before be, the stock up quantity of a few supermarkets increases apparently than usual, the management of the supermarket is well-ordered.
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