The individual invests business to spread 10 points to need to notice land prope
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Shop of individual investment business invests business to spread both distinction with the enterprise very big, need special attention in 10 respects at least.

Notice one: Land property

At present certain business shop is on the market pass by original residence " house change blame " change comes, these two kinds of buildings are two kinds of completely different land use property.

"The residence " it is to offer living house only, "Business uses a room " (full name is commercial service uses a room) it is to be engaged in commerce and the building that use for dweller life service, both change in 3 respect happening at least. From land management angle looks " house change blame " had changed land use, namely " live with the ground " the change is " business the ground " ; Look from program angle, its connotation already was by change " licence of construction project program " each medium regulation; From the building use function angle looks, building utility had management function.

" sell one's own things of state-owned land access mixes town make over temporary regulations " the 18th once set: "Of the land utility that the person that land is used needs to change contract of land access sell one's own things to set, ought to ask for get sell one's own things to just agree and approve via land management department and town planning branch, the concerned regulation of this chapter signs according to afresh contract of land access sell one's own things, adjust gold of land access sell one's own things, deal with register " .

Can see, what invest " business is spread " if be to live so if using the land, can have a trouble later.

Notice 2: Plan to change
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