The person that Beijing building city enters rational regression to buy a house
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House price registers refractive idea change

The small Liu Zheng of Beijing prepares to purchase a bridal chamber. He financial resources is limited decides target lock at first was in secondhand on the room. After seeing a room on the spot, let small Liu Po feel open-eyed, "Feel secondhand the house can be some cheaper originally, the result looks, same area, secondhand house price is returned than bridal chamber unexpectedly tall " .

The price of this kind of house that encounters like Xiaoliu hangs a phenomenon, appearing in the city of a gleam of such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai. Besides secondhand the room is taller than bridal chamber price outside, same a building dish, 2 period lower than price of first phase house, 3 period lower than price of 2 period houses case also appears from time to tome.

" the market signs up for " the beautiful scenery that at present the special interview crosses the reporter is Oriental 3 period, it is this kind of circumstance, the price when firm open quotation is in 18 thousand yuan / square metre, because suffer the effect of market element, current price had adjusted 17 thousand yuan / square metre left and right sides. Happiness blessing is collected, from 20 thousand yuan / square metre moves 18 thousand yuan / square metre. In partial skill building dish below the circumstance that the price reduces somewhat, those who be the same as area is secondhand building dish the price rises all the way however situation, those who be like landscape article garden is secondhand market business all valence has achieved 23 thousand yuan / square metre.

The staff member that I love my home tells " the market signs up for " reporter, occurrence house price is hanged, it is the result that collaboration of a variety of element put together use. Above all, the part develops business to need capital of rapid steam again, appear so partial skill building dish the appearance that makes the price that change mix. Next, secondhand room owner does not have severe capital pressure mostly, although also appeared,bargain becomes loose, but range is narrow, because this is secondhand,the room clinchs a deal price is relatively stable. In addition, from the point of market condition, a lot of more current skill building dish it is period room, cannot enter instantly, buy a crowd to want to face a lot of not certain factor, buy secondhand room, can prevent a risk already, can buy namely again live namely.
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