Chongqing: Unscramble 4 big errors of building city 4 big market of broken solut
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Notted allow for be more than the city after begging in June hopeful

According to domain orgnaization statistic, assembly of whole in June town makes commodity room 8717, the residence is covered inside clinch a deal body measures seven hundred and four thousand five hundred square metre, the month on annulus comparing drops 36.41 % , dropped in June 2007 compared to the same period 35.46% .

In June head beg for be more than now

Clinched a deal in June why does quantity predestined relationship drop? Domain orgnaization thinks, was May spring make the market after the meeting wait-and-see accentuation. 2 be head beg badly for be more than now. According to statistic, market of house of commodity of whole in June town has 47 projects to roll out taste 11534 newly, into city system the quantity is nine hundred and sixty-nine thousand three hundred and thirty square metre. As a result of Ao Yuankang city of 130 thousand square metre super- supply greatly prop up, the market is added newly supply very enough, comparing of supply and demand is 1:0.7.

Fall continuously city of 6000 capital floor depreciates by dark turn bright 2008 you are in which city does " Fang Nu " Kuang Meiyun fries a room to fry a person of extraordinary powers of new York of Mai Dangna of 500 million wealthy a general term for young women curtilage 2003-2008 of interior of exposure bird's nest: Change fight with one's back to the river-fight to win or die [reforming and opening 30 years] Long Yongtu of 10 old daring general is common product value drops

Project of to the limit of one's capacity is medium in June, if county of hill of dragon lake leisurely, Long Hurui is the villa such as Long Hujiang and city, city, foreign,there is no lack of room kind high-end property, because this is right,integral price rises to play litre of effect certainly. If cast villatic, clothbound kind high-end property looks to increase supply common product price newly, cover actually inside clinch a deal all valence is 4715.07 yuan / square metre, relatively on the month clinchs a deal all price fell 174.51 yuan / square metre.
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