Foliaceous wingceltis: Adjusting rate is crucial
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Next defeat of estate market are welcomed, because before the allergy that the profit with estate exorbitant market causes the people, a variety of land in be being concealed in estate to trade, money trades to also let this group course of study become “ to return the industry of moral ” , let the market cheat be ashamed. But the original sin that this should not make estate market, however other original sin person scapegoat.

Real-estate industry is in fact pillar industry. From 2000 since, investment of our country estate holds the share of GDP5% above all the time, 2006, 2007 exceed 10% two years continuously. The industrial chain of real estate is very long, direct and relevant have 56 industries such as building materials, steely, cement, household, matter to the development state of affairs of whole economy. Current, drop with real-estate industry for forerunner, the industry such as the nonferrous metal of our country, rolled steel, price follow-up drops, enter after August, a lot of rolled steel enterprises begin our country deficit, and estate steel makes dosage holds half of country. The stabilizes pair of China economic stability value that Liang Gong of Gao Cheng economist, luck believed president contented winter to point out estate before, think real estate glides won't affecting Chinese economy is not actual, not objective view, real estate enters cycle of be issued to lower levels quickly meeting be a burden on is other industry, implicate macroeconomic.

Current, entire estate loan holds outback bank to borrow money 30% the left and right sides, if real-estate industry whole depreciates 30% , achieve at present of Shenzhen house price drop extent, according to pressure the test shows, the bad loan of the bank will exceed cordon. Accordingly, 30% it is a red line. At present although profit of our country bank increases, but loan of exceed the time limit also is increasing, basically cause by the place such as manufacturing industry and real estate among them.

In the meantime, from the point of current governmental finance income, according to data of bulletin of ministry of land natural resources: 2004—2006 year, gold of mainland land sell one's own things is 589.4 billion yuan respectively, 550.5 billion yuan, 767.7 billion yuan, 1—11 month was 913 billion yuan 2007, the proportion that takes countrywide finance income is adjacent 20% , sell the ground to had become the main source of local finance income. The direct tax such as value added tax of the business tax that imposes main rooms real estate to develop link and its surtax, income tax, land is expended, both and aggregate 27% what cover an area of square finance income about. This 27% it is a conservative estimation only, if consider the industry such as relevant building materials, building, the income that its contribute is bigger. Unless local government can be searched other the finance point of growth that can rival with estate, otherwise, estate position cannot be replaced.
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