He Shigong: Times of wall street finance is terminative
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He Shigong: Times of wall street finance is terminative Beijing banking market rises

Academy of finance of world energy resources carries out He Shigong of dean of dean, Chinese finance academy to think, the position of world finance overlord of new York wall street, had written down finale. Wall street incident tells people: The terminative ” of times of a “ ; Of London finance city gradually flat, make this old banking center is losing the elegant demeanour former days; Paris and Frankfurt are worn like tellurian mainland same, two years ago already drift; Of middle east enlighten do obeisance to and the ideal ground that Asian Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Bombay are becoming center of next world finance.

If of the United States before this plays a law to be in one year, control, so two rooms of “ ”(Fang Limei and room ground beauty) , bank of mutually beneficial of Lei Man's brother, United States forest, Beiersideng and Washington won't resemble a domino toppling euqally; Second borrow the crisis to perhaps won't happen, wall street perhaps is met safe and sound, the position of financial hegemony can last again probably a paragraph.

However now, the scene of wall street already no longer, 3.54 million popularity is mixed from the unemployment of wall street of the life without assured source, let the history delimit to it went up the life full stop of financial hegemony. The fight that the history of wall street is an investment bank and commercial bank history. As cast a big alligator people above the financial innovation tool that falls finally in their place invention, bring so think to be proud and bilk the “ with base oneself upon 5 big ” close down in succession, sell or be solemn and stirring face about, the wall street that casts a dominant independently already became old appearance.

There is economist early to issue a warning before 3 years actually, the financial crisis that brings by American estate will spread whole world, but beautiful couplet store however pay no attention to, bring about financial crisis to happen finally. Fort of Luo Sen of • of chief economist Davy is in area of North America of company of United States forest point out by 2006, of market of estate of “ United States steeping fall will be 2007 economy is looked into in the biggest risk ” . • of Linden of notable exception personage pulls the the Democratic Party rash assorted predicts early also, the world banking system that is a delegate with the United States has broken down, if the government helps city not in time, consequence will be unimaginable. However, beautiful couplet store did not adopt however answer measure.

Academy of finance of world energy resources carries out He Shigong of dean of dean, Chinese finance academy to think, of big country arisen follow a kind of such patterns mostly: Rely on commerce to revitalize first, the capital that reoccupy accumulates advances industrialization, enter financial capital phase finally. Inchoate finance capital promoted industrialization, but as its parasitism sex and speculation run rampant, industrialization is abandoned, be on the wane of immediately national power, finance loses a base, final hegemony be on the wane.
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