Ba Shusong: Landed be worth to buy more than the house
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The building town of each district is small fan already became the fact that does not dispute. Depreciate in building city while tide spreads everywhere, more person that buy a house are in however hold money sturdily to await bought resolution. Whether did the adjustment of estate market enter a winter? Sponsorred by our newspaper on September 28, south the “ of engage by special arrangement of fortune of Ji of day of Shenzhen development bank in activity of ” of schoolroom of a person of academic or artistic distinction, sui Sheng of Cai of chairman of association of estate of province of Ba Shusong of assistant director of institute of finance of research center of development of the State Council, Guangdong, all-round victory (China) the foreground that Chen Rong of limited company president parts to discuss estate market to adjust from different point of view and answered plan.

Ba Shusong with industry of mature market real-estate periodic adjust the rule to be exemple, point out the estate market of scan widely whole world, put in the price the state of different level deviate, accompany periodic process, and to Chinese estate market, still face entire industry for the first time adjust cycle, lack answers experience. “ temperature just just begins to fall, still cannot saying is severe winter ” .

When countrywide room city is cooling, liquidity of cash of room look forward to is nervous, room city enters severe winter say rise from all directions. Ba Shusong thinks, look from the relevant economic norms that announces recently, 2 quarters GDP goes up still be as high as 10.4% , PPI although fall after a rise but still rank 10.1% perch, if make fall after a rise of this kind of economy contrast according to the four seasons, just also be in autumnal phase at present. “ temperature just just begins to fall, still cannot saying is severe winter ” . Accordingly, although accompany policy of a series of adjusting control of house property market come on stage and the influence of macroscopical environment, chinese estate market is faced with be issued to lower levels to adjust, the autumn just came, severe winter has not come, “ autumn feels cold, because summer is too a few hotter,be ” .

Temperature just just begins to fall

As city of each district building volume price falls together, estate market is entered adjust become consensus. Ba Shusong thinks, the adjustment of estate market is belonged to periodic adjust, but the cycle influence to real-estate industry geometry, “ says we do not have experience ” candidly. Ba Shusong points out, home is at present close company of 30 thousand estate, in the economy that goes 8 years dilate period enters the market great majority, and had experienced local market is fluctuant at the beginning of 90 time, for example the landed company of experience of bubble of house property of and other places of Hainan, the North sea is little little. Be being adjusted this is the first time entire industry after countrywide real-estate industry is formed is adjusted, most estate company is to face tone to rectify first, lack answered experience.
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