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Luo Ruiming: Building city treats golden week office building cold not strange

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House price rises continuously old, also should arrive to adjust level according to law of value, add what will concern adjusting control policy for years to come on stage in succession, the strength that begins nearly two years to control house price especially is increased further, make house price rises ceaselessly this bronco that trammelses hard how many take out a few haggard.

Annulus of price of house of a few towns drops than appearing, estate bubble got squash, house price is losing the power that rise. But house price rose full 5 years, go up multiple, and dropping is however hundred, the profit space photograph that rises with its is compared, just be a drop in the sea, some disobeys the rule even and move, do not fall to rise instead. The city that oneself are in, just be therein small town, high-grade residence is no matter during National Day medium still cheap house happens to coincide hit a privilege 10 policy, this 10 flatlet look be like dropped than other house tens of thousands of yuan close perhaps 100 thousand yuan, but those rooms are to be sold for years do not go out, the light is the poorest, the position is the most unsuited, utilization rate lowest, saying with its is to depreciate sale, be inferior to saying is to handle inferior product, and other house still is not moved from lofty.

The profit of estate is breathtaking, the platoon is in Hu Run in the plute of before 100 rich a list of names posted up 10, only two people not experience real estate, visible estate is an industry of sudden huge profits. Since be sudden huge profits, in house price cannot follow one's inclinations when, have to have bit of attitude, a few concession are made on the price, a bit more contractible the space of profit.

National Day golden week building city cold and cheerless, have the reason of a lot of respects, but OK and a bit more affirmative, not be people does not want to buy, however house price is too high, most person still is canned not afford, if estate business falls the price to reasonable rate, buy a room to be able to rise more necessarily, heat rises, can you be estate business can does ground of be most willing to accomplish this?

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