Overpass of sea Ning Lu demolishs business of distance of Shanghai Sichuan north
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The overpass that is located in Sichuan north road and Hai Ning crossing is demolished stage by stage at coming 21 days 24 days this month, this is one of serious content that landscape of Sichuan north road and commerce transform. The personage inside course of study thinks consistently, after crossover is demolished, south crossover periphery and even Sichuan north road paragraph commercial project and businessman will indebted, be helpful for business of whole of Sichuan north road encircling enlarge look to upgrade. The space is broken up bring commerce to take " rupture "   crossover and wear the vacuum that create high to break up, those who brought about stream of people is dispersive. It is with the sea route of the Huaihe River of crossing of the road austral Chongqing exemple, north and south is worn high traverse north and south, two paragraphs when become independent each other to while wagon flow brings advantage, also divide business street of sea route of the Huaihe River, if be not pedestrian of essential thing double,be disinclined ascend crossover arrives another side. Wear what cause with crossover high " commercial area ruptures " , the red of power of Hua Ting Yi that causes sea route of the Huaihe River to go up, lady's taste shop passenger flow to be restricted, be in the state of keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort all the time. From the point of street shop, approach overhead part more the more condition of low, industry differs class, business spreads value to suffer an effect greatly. Of sea peaceful road widen and Sichuan north Lu Haining is transient the building of street crossover, it is an artificially Sichuan north road more one divides into two, make the business that in Hai Ning road two side formed north and south to be illogical decides Sichuan north way cereal, go against the be well versed in of stream of people of north and south, and cause adverse effect to the group effect of whole business street. Of crossover of road of this Sichuan north demolish will make this one state gets ameliorative. "The ground is angry " southing drives trade group to promote     again " demolish crossover, have double sense to us. " in sea of Sichuan north road peaceful road crossing has 3 projects to produce commerce to enrol business controller to express in run Haitaide at the same time, it is to be helpful for the commercial project of Sichuan north crossing introducing high grade tenement and outstanding commercial brand, this is the advantage that sees immediately good; Another is southing of gas of ground of Sichuan north road, a section of a highway is development the core that business of Sichuan north distance encircles near sea peaceful road. Could there be in the sea at present the Sichuan north road of crossing, sea peaceful real estate has 3 priority discipline, total floor area is close 200 thousand square metre, among them commercial area exceeds 30 thousand square metre. In the meantime, the commercial annex of edifice of sea Thailand border enrols business, with respect to the obstruction that once was brought apparently by crossover. A few domestic and international famous and retail brands point out same a problem, it is belt of person travel crossover comer gas cuts off, and crossover is right the keep out of bazaar inn action, appearance. Notable is, be served as all along " civilian shopping street " Sichuan north road, in business the circle is transformed be in all the time in the process devote oneself to to promote commerce atmosphere. Of crossover of peaceful road of sea of Sichuan north road demolish, enrol business and commercial figure promotion to will have inestimable effect to area. South road of prospective Sichuan north paragraph predict to enrage continuance business land, introduce a few in high-end vogue brand, make trade group transforms Sichuan north road to go up again a step. Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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