Harden of 15 estate stock is landed perform " god 7 " prices
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The estate that early days drops greatly collective yesterday violent wind rises, include A of 10 thousand divisions up to closing quotation (000002) inside harden of 15 estate stock, perform " god 7 " prices, among them, su Ning is round-the-world (000718) go up panel height is amounted to 10.09% . In the light of estate soare, analytic personage expresses, appear on the market corporation main area did not change apparently, basically be the market during expecting the golden week, the government may publish relevant policy. During also investor considers as the golden week, room look forward to may have a variety of sales promotion activities, expand clinch a deal quantity, increase company income. And go up in stock operation, industry analyst thinks, estate board piece short-term rebound whether reliable still be unknown, now still is not to had better buy hour. Estate whole rebounds   yesterday, in grail small below dropping circumstance, estate board piece rebound unusually driving. In 94 estate in, 6 stocks are only small drop, and of 93% all sign up for in order to rise close. Among them, jindeji is round (600383) , in grain is landed (000031) , A of 10 thousand divisions (000002) , Baolide is produced (600048) and other places produces bibcock in succession harden. Landed weight go up situation prop up become greatly point to strong. Become greatly point to a newspaper 7559 a little bit, go up 2.47% . Some analyst represents century negotiable security, at present Chinese estate market also lies more critical margin, accordingly, market predicting government can be during 11 golden weeks publish the relevant policy that help city. And before this before long, in room assist also the State Council of submit a written statement to a higher authority, proposal change is current " severity " policy of estate adjusting control, instead " measurable control " . Allow local government proper motion to help city, reduce estate to trade concerned tax rate, encourage perfective housing demand, strengthen function of estate early warning system to wait. In the meantime, central Plains real estate studies partial analyse division thinks, the government helps city doing early actually, floor price stabilizes in sight, state the likelihood is the optimal opportunity that the person that buy a house buys a house into city now. And investor expresses to the reporter, real estate board piece collective rises, it is 10 thousand divisions are pulled on one hand litre protect dish, on the other hand, during the National Day, ground of can large area has the landed company such as 10 thousand divisions sales promotion, in order to change at present backwater not the building before sells predicament, this is capital dares the last before the section trade day kills real estate bravely main reason. Short-term prices whether reliable? Be aimed at 26 days of real estate " riot " , relaxation of analyst of estate of China peaceful negotiable securities flies when accepting a reporter to interview, express, the likelihood is the market stems from some kind to anticipate. But go up in particular operation, relaxation flies think, better industry bibcock at present the price really very low, give present price to be worth flat, but estate this second rebound still can not decide continuously. Accordingly, fly in Zhang Chi look, estate investment relies on short-term message to be afraid without how great sense, do not have friendly intercourse to say for a long time, still put in fair investment value. And analyst of real estate of wide hair negotiable securities spends long neck to also express to our newspaper reporter, estate after all whether rebound to still need farther observation, nevertheless, he expresses, now still is not to buy estate best moment. Wind information data also shows, what already announced 32 when metaphase money signed up for 2008 to appear on the market in harbor is medium endowment landed company battalion closes with profit add fast relatively put delay apparently last year, and the company measure that outstanding achievement glides begins to increase. In addition, get the market low confuse an impact, care of these can of whole of company capital condition, this affected current investor to do much estate in certain level board piece confidence. Accordingly, estate board piece short-term rebound whether reliable the test that undergoes the market even. Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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