Landed: Good stimulation of 3 big profit will become market vane
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Yesterday afternoon estate board piece go up quickly raise, closing quotation board piece go up achieve 5.57 % , among them bibcock harden of A of 10 thousand divisions, the country promotes landed, seabird real estate of business of construction of sea of share of development, sunshine, extensive, action, medium 17 real estate such as grain real estate harden, 38 real estate go up in 5 % above. Landed course of study is faced with heart of division of Guangdong of good   of tripartite side benefit to think, estate board piece the account that goes strong basically has the following at 3 o'clock: The first, fund reserve leads Zhou Sicun to be reduced formally, this will input about 150 billion yuan new blood for the market, your financing area keeps relatively comfortable. This message to landed industry it is a major interest good, and a more important meaning depends on pair of policy or will turn to be alluded warmly; The 2nd, before before long in room assist had referred to the State Council advocate tone is measurable control to change stringent adjusting control policy, allow local government proper motion to help city, reduce estate to trade to adjust a proposal about the policy of tax rate. According to saying, should build character to already was adopted by the part; The 3rd, the view that at present foreign capital copies ground floor city often comes out, especially Shanghai of the most active in Chinese economy area, to this China housing and ministry of urban and rural construction (next live weighing that build a department) relevant personage had gone to Shanghai survey recently, the estate that foreign capital enters Chinese landed industry to will introduce maturity invests the mode of concept and asset management, conduce to the development of industry of our country ground. Above it is good that 3 messages faced our country landed industry to make profit of inside and outside from financing area, policy face and psychology respectively, detonated the landed prices of Zhou Wu of field of A stock market thereby. Real estate board piece will become market vane the letter in   is built cast negotiable securities Wuhan to build division of analyse of 8 business parts bang billows points out, real estate board piece more deep-seated impulsion comes from bullish at Premier Wen about timely the speech that adjusts policy of macroscopical adjusting control, economic progress just is to support landed course of study to turn warm important basis. In view of seventeen 3 in plenary meeting is about to hold, the market is common to the anticipation of macroscopical policy hasten is warm, real estate board piece the important vane that situation general walks along to make the market after the section. Bang billows thinks, real estate board piece go strong, super- drop the factor is more obvious, to real-estate industry, low fan period advent is apodeictic, this prices most is the short line hype of idle fund, later period is landed go situation is durative suspectable, the train of thought that investor should act on speed to go out quickly will participate in among them. Bang billows points out, from in light of expression, the real estate of Shanghai city, coronal city is big, Beijing can buy course of study is belonged to super- drop rebound breed, real progress and Baolide are produced on belong to the breed with more moderate force. In deep city, the country promotes real estate of share of share of landed, sunshine, sanded river, green scene to belong to the breed that idle fund prefers, and the extensive sea real estate, share that enrol business, 10 thousand divisions and overseas Chinese city belong to fund to wait for orgnaization place to hold the variety with heavier storehouse. Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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