Pray blessing is brilliant a 11 open quotation 3500 yuan / smooth rice achieves
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Pray blessing group is in flower first project -- pray blessing is brilliant stage, will on October 1 with 3500 yuan / the price of square metre is official put on sale, make one of city of golden week building's biggest this year attention points. In circumjacent building dish the price is maintained be in 4500 yuan, 5600 yuan / below the circumstance between square metre, development business is rolled out such " shock value " , have greatly " the golden week " heavy artillery flies the sign of the bureau. Development business form a complete set is perfect make group of blessing of pray of   of high quality life express, this group has 30 years of real estate to develop experience, developed before this " time new 邨 of Yu pray blessing " , " peninsula of the bay austral Nanhai pray blessing " , " city of water of blessing of Sha Wan pray " , " cause celebrates coast of · pray blessing " wait for a project, each project is actor is tasted with high-quality goods. Everybody is done not have completely necessary the shrink such as because of this low afraid quality, service. According to introducing, the strong point of brilliant stage depends on establishment of form a complete set perfecting. Development business shows, pray blessing is good at building mature and international big form a complete set, perfect big community, the life with high quality owner of have sth in mind is enjoyed. The building below the banner dish the property government that has high grade major, close security personnel, rich community culture activity and distinctive international atmosphere, attracted in all global the successful personage of 40 many countries and area lives. This project chief says, the strong point since play is consistent and advantage, make perfect form a complete set for brilliant stage, the part that includes nearly 20 thousand square metre recreational, commerce is met at the theme of an organic whole heaven and earth of physiotherapy of SPA of ball of hall of coffee of red public house of center of place, fitness, France, music, Sha Hu, dream and nursery school of form a complete set are waited a moment. Peng Lin radical ever had said pray blessing president: "Know group to just make group, such ability are a kind of responsible manner. " as we have learned, pray blessing group not only be good at managing hotel, meal, still have 7 to visit one grade school, offer nursery school to teach a service to the English of one continuous line of university preparatory; And pray blessing hospital also is the hospital that Chinese head home acquires international JCI attestation. Architect human nature changes a design to connect wind daylighting   to have on four sides buy the home to say, "When buying a house before, do not have the space that choose and likelihood at all, everybody is grabbing a room. Value more now door model, design detail, still have construction quality. " the project controller of brilliant stage shows   pray good fortune: "Development concept wants namely ' lead, human nature is changed, internationalization ' . E.g. , this building dish meeting very the position that goes attentively considering to put air-conditioner, the range establishs outside otherwise influence already, when wanting human nature to change the ground to consider installation again convenient, be in then all and proper place obligate tubal aperture, with going to the lavatory they are installed in the future. Pray blessing has team of a design, can go to the United States, Australia, Canada and Japan every year wait for a country to make an on-the-spot investigation, go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures. "   yesterday, the reporter sees in brilliant stage, the extensive of imposing manner of 30 meters of an arch over a gateway of village doorway grand; Whole house project combines plot, front, with in gardens of axial water scene and center are large fountain and alone of foreign room clever decorate, built space of peculiar going from place to place, all resident all can enjoy the bath of sunshine, cool breeze. Pray blessing is brilliant of the stage door model a lot of appearance are changed, have 1 room, 2 rooms, 3 rooms, 4 rooms, smooth layer and double entry unit to wait for a variety of different designs; The area is 66, 340 square metre differ, and all connect elegant demeanour light on four sides, founder is practical. The most special is design of two rooms double suite: Two rooms contain independent closet, suit the airport most or two people of staff member shut around car city hire, the personage inside course of study recommends this to plant to the utmost door model make long-term receive those who hire investment to use. Price of the   that buy the home " generous " buy a building very be at ease   comes round to see what the building books buy the home to tell a reporter, "I feel, the open quotation price of brilliant stage very ' generous ' . The other building that still has seen periphery recently dish, some prices still exceed 5000 yuan / square metre, even if ' the group buys price ' also want 4500, 4800 yuan / square metre, and traffic still does not have brilliant stage advantage. Because brilliant stage is apart from wide clear tall Su Xinhua,export only tens of rice. "   prepares to move buy the home to also say, "Because pray blessing has the thing that runs large community 18 years to provide experience, a lot of colleagues and friend live in the community of pray blessing, the building that buys brilliant station this also very be at ease. "   of   premonitory   " 11 " the spokesman that star aids a group of blessing of pray of   of low put on sale says, "3500 yuan / the make a price of square metre, solid for under cost price put on sale. " even if is such, development business still is fast now person the preparation buying the home of one pace " preferential register 9 lose privilege " , more avoid a year of administration fee. A flower buys the home to say, "This namely why one big early the reason that I queue up to register. "   says according to in-house personage, on October 1 that day, brilliant stage still arranged Hong Kong radio to inspect heat to sow drama " domestic good month is round " the star such as main actor Li Siqi, old farad and see a building buy the home to interact together. The game that adds cate of lottery, characteristic, wonderful confused to show at the appointed time, the person that will make see a building opens horizon greatly.

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