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Zhang Weixiang of reporter of weekly of conduct financial transactions / article   is restricted in succession in global market do empty becoming mouth, hong Kong regards the whole world as minority still but the market of oversell, bore pressure of enormous be issued to lower levels, especially estate company, cast by much home reduce target price all right, some extent achieve 50 % . And Gaocheng and Magenshidanli the real estate of under one's name, about more 60 % are decreased to 80 % hold. Rich force, world luxuriant and join Jing Taifu venture   of the biggest   " although drop in house price, the dweller bears to ability increases ceaselessly along with income and rise to be added with the trade investment that 2 quarters began 2008 accordingly fast below the favorable situation that continues to put delay, real-estate industry of home still also needs ability of two sales busy season to let pattern of supply and demand reach a more balanced level at least. "   this is the near future abroad cast a Gao Cheng (Goldman Sachs) the conclusion that releases triplet to study report hind to reach to domestic estate market in in succession. Gao Cheng points out, after although be in,the near future issues defeat considerably, landed course of study appears on the market the share price of the company basically had been digested short-term the main area hazard inside, but long-term to the industry durative anabiosis still hope is scant. Be based on afore-mentioned reason, gao Cheng will be medium endowment landed target price reduces 28 % considerably - 55 % . In all real estate in, ocean is landed (03377.HK) target price is next amplitude modulation are the smallest, only 27 % , target price is 5.65 HK dollar. And the target price of rich power real estate is reduced by 13 HK dollar to 8.55 HK dollar, next amplitude modulation are 34 % about, investment grade falls for " buy makes work " . Shenzhen accuses target price is reduced by 3.55 HK dollar to 1.93 HK dollar, next amplitude modulation are 46 % . In addition, gao Cheng still reduces China considerably abroad, SOHO (00410.HK) , green city China (03900.HK) , ground of Hua Run buy (01109.HK) in waiting for many 10 endowment landed target price 30 % above. Next amplitude modulation are the biggest is elegant room happy (03383.HK) , its target price is reduced to come by 12.33 HK dollar by Gao Cheng 5.52 HK dollar, next amplitude modulation amount to 55 % . And the Hong Kong that has business of partial real estate inside is landed also fail escape by sheer luck. Constant radical real estate is filled high to move low end price to 38.25 HK dollar first, tall Cheng Ye thinks, the present price that constant base produces only relatively the predicting asset net value June 2009 is folded let 39 % , achieve predicted city is filled with 17 times of rate 2010, "Appraise value is not attracted " . In fact, be in early this year March, gao Cheng already made China invest politic combination, think American economy puts delay to will bring about global demand reshuffle, and new price will affect Chinese cost the pattern of prospective real estate. Not come singly but in pairs, the near future also made Magenshidanli " we believe landed market breaks down, the price and clinch a deal the possibility that the volume drops considerably is tall " judgement, rich power real estate, world luxuriant estate and add up to Jing Taifu to be labelled the stock with 3 the biggest risks. Cast an old hand to decrease hold   almost with making those who see empty research report synchronism is, abroad cast also decrease the real estate in holding a hand on 2 class market all right. Up to this year a year of September 22, gao Cheng makes an appointment with hold 14 H, magenshidanliyao hold 193 H. Among them landed 60 % above all suffers undersell. Ocean real estate is the real estate that Gao Cheng checks inventory the earliest, last year on September 28, gao Cheng still hold the equity of this 5.77 % , and arrived last year on October 4, already decreased hold to 0.12 % . Rich power real estate is the 2nd fills those who center undersell high by, last year on December 28, gao Cheng still hold rich force is landed the good storehouse of 5.11 % and the weak storehouse of 1.05 % , until this year on January 15, the weak storehouse of rich power real estate already by sky of all Qing Dynasty, and good storehouse is contractible also to 4.98 % . In the eye shot that disappears in investor gradually later. 3 real estate that the day installs China to invest is Gao Cheng hold in do not have exclusively by undersell. Be in all in endowment landed in, what the day installs is famous degree not quite tall perhaps. Before this, the investment that the day brings is centered in Pearl River delta and Fujian, but already extended consummate sea and catchment of the Yangtse River in recent years, there also is a part to know line of business of the name and description of a thing in Beijing, for example hotel of Beijing Diaoyutai Li Jing. Last year on November 29, gao Cheng makes an appointment with hold day to install 6.88 % equity of Chinese, but this year on January 2, already rose to 8.03 % . This one scale is maintained all the time up to now. Under photograph comparing, the undersell strength of Magensishidan and its correlation company is more breathtaking. The real estate that in studying a report, its involve, do not have one exception almost, suffer undersell. For example SOHO, this year in Feburary Magenshidanli still hold 6.08 % equity, but this year July, hold a scale to already dropped to 4.98 % . World luxuriant estate, magenshidanli is highest last year than amounting to 7 % , but contractible already this year in September to 5.83 % , hold more than 7 million. And rich force is landed, at the beginning of this year September, magenshidanliyao hold 16.11 % equity, but contractible already on September 18 to 15.87 % , decrease about hold 7.88 million. The data that discloses according to Magenshidanli looks, its are in sold to rich force is bought landedly this year in September in going out, fold caustic about many yuan 1200. Actually, magenshidanli usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price is the quickest is this year what just appeared on the market in June is new a real estate that build line of business, in June of the last ten-day of a month half short between the month, magenshidanli will oppose a scale from 7.03 % cut to 3.76 % . Somehow, magenshidanli's undersell has a place not plan cost, for example SOHO, major cost of Magenshidanli that build a warehouse is in above of 4.5 HK dollar, highest and adjacent 7 HK dollar. But the undersell July, every evaluate just 4.25 HK dollar. Avalanche of buy empty agitation is other board piece     September 19 is buy sky a agitation evidence is the clearest day, that day, constant unripe index achieves nearly 2000 a little bit to rise, but numerous real estate all suffer undersell. Among them, it is elegant room happy real estate merely, oversell forehead is as high as 46.17 million HK dollar, plus ocean real estate and rich power real estate, oversell forehead can move be rivalled with China almost. Chinese shift and collect abundant to accuse it is Hong Kong market two big blue chip, occupy market prise about 50 % . And in a few days later, the day of rich power real estate all undersell forehead all is in above of 60 million HK dollar, elegant room Le Zewei is held control in 10 million HK dollar. As close together as the overseas market connection such as the United States ADR (put ask negotiable securities) also be the heavy disaster area that buy sky conducts. With Chinese aluminium course of study is exemple, its reach 120 million HK dollar in the buy vacancy September 23. Sea oil also has 1000 much HK dollar in. Although the personage is narrated to say before no less than, hong Kong regards the whole world as minority still but the market of oversell, bore pressure of greater be issued to lower levels. But, the personage of one share market of Hong Kong thinks, because buy is empty mechanism and Euramerican wait for a country to differ, hong Kong can avoid the effect that buy sky causes. Harbor meets a speech person, many periphery markets allow investor not to have goods buy sky, but harbor investor must borrow first into share ability oversell, the cost of the person that this increased buy sky not only, still settled the market considerably when concussion cannot the problem of complete a business transaction. Because this one system is formed 1997 storm of Hong Kong finance, be opposite to answer just about at that time of cause a temporary clamor " naked buy " and set, behoove can answer this buy empty tide. And one's early years ever participated in a Guangzhou of negotiable securities of the people's livelihood that points to futures to do business in Hong Kong analyst of banquet of radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries is thick high thinks, buy sky is not big to impact of Hong Kong market, because bureau of canal of Hong Kong gold can follow,came on stage to restrict measure temporarily when Asian finance storm 1997. Power of world of old man of department executive director is opposite produce of retail develop of Asia of French Paris bank analysis of reporter of weekly of conduct financial transactions, he answers abroad buy empty force to whether emerge to Hong Kong thick and fast hard this one problem. But market of near future Hong Kong already appeared phenomenon of one afford for thought, namely buying and selling the person of equity card is less and less, the investor of card of bear of ox of buying and selling is increasing. The client information that he gets is, see general trends go up drop than looking go up it is easy to drop. This also is meant, current Hong Kong market, already lost obvious way. Judge market strength do much or do lack apparent basis for nothing. Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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