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Wuhan city is encircled " two model society " reform experiment carries out     formally ■ first put together of department whole nation that start change pilot city to encircle (group)     ■ outside needing a newspaper to approve except finance finance land, other side allows Wuhan city to encircle   of   of foretaste of go ahead of the rest on September 10, wuhan city is encircled " two model society " build integrated form a complete set to reform an experiment overall program obtains the State Council official written reply to a subordinate body. This is the first put together of domestic that start changes pilot city to encircle (group) . Yesterday, province government holds a press conference in auditorium of Wu Changhong hill, announced Wuhan city to encircle overall program content. Li Hongzhong of vice secretary of provincial Party committee, governor expresses, this indicates the city encircles a Wuhan " two model society " reform experiment already entered overall executive level, to the reform of Hubei development has milepost sense. Besides finance, finance, land need newspaper is approved outside, other side allows Wuhan city to encircle foretaste of go ahead of the rest. Reform item actors or actress preexistence Wuhan city encircles give an official of the State Council of try out   to ask, the State Council should divide the work according to duty about the branch, circle of city of active support Wuhan is begun about special reform, as managing as construction resource model, the environment is friendly model relevant reform item, should preferential put in Wuhan city to encircle foretaste of go ahead of the rest; Hope Wuhan city circle deepens system for the whole nation reform, drive scientific progress and stimulative society harmony to offer experience and set an example. Save governmental introduction, the give an official of the State Council makes my province was entered new the forward position of round of reform. In the overall plan that approves in the State Council, it is good that Wuhan city circle will receive a lot of and major benefit, include to allow to enjoy the policy measure of development of technology of national level economy, promote form distinctive industry group; Construction of development of reform, new and high to encircling the state-owned company inside region technology, infrastructure strive for prep according to carry out promote the policy of old industry base such as northeast; Strive for launch old liaison man reform is pilot, compose builds the integrated traffic system of efficient and harmonious development, circle of promotion Wuhan city connects the hub position in old structure to wait in complete diplomatic relation. 9 reform experiment starts   to set according to give an official of the State Council in the round this year, besides tax of finance, wealth, land 3 domains need to sign up for by the program outside approving, other side allows Wuhan city to encircle foretaste of go ahead of the rest. Advance Wuhan city to encircle integrated form a complete set to reform construction, specific should fall on honest project. My province will boost resource in the key structure of innovation of managing, environmental protection, science and technology, industry is optimized upgrade, as a whole urban and rural development, managing intensive uses the ground and money taxes be in harmony, open to the outside world internally and 9 respects such as administration undertake system and mechanism innovate. According to the requirement of overall program, content of key of 9 reform experiment has side important place to be started in the round each in 9 city since this year. Wuhan strives to become   of city of regional economy center at the same time, my province still advanced the near future and long-term development goal. Try hard through 5 years, to 2012, specific power consumption of total output value of area of unit of Wuhan city group is reduced 23% , quality of main city ambient air achieves requirement of national secondary standard, town is changed rate achieve 55% above, income of urban and rural dweller and life quality rise significantly; Wuhan city is become more large-scale is regional economic center city. To 2020, strive to take the lead in building what perfect quite to fulfil science to develop view and compose to establish the system mechanism of harmonious society. Yesterday, li Hongzhong of vice secretary of provincial Party committee, governor, li Xian of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor is unripe and Ruan Chengfa of Wuhan city mayor attended a press conference. On the meeting, li Xian gives birth to read out " the State Council encircles resource about Wuhan city managing model with the environment friendly model the society builds integrated form a complete set to reform an experiment the give an official of overall program " , undertook brief specification with respect to point of plan of give an official. Li Hongzhong speaks on the meeting, be the same as Li Xian unripe, Ruan Chengfa answered a reporter to quiz together. Trainee of this sea of honor of king of reporter of edition manuscript our newspaper reforms an experiment to   of Xue Min overall objective   according to deploy of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, innovation system mechanism, increase can expand capacity continuously, achieve area economic integration, make construction of Wuhan city circle the zoology city group that countrywide appropriate lives, center of line of business of base of treatment of production of base of base of main advanced manufacturing industry, property of new and high technology, high grade produce, contemporary service and integrated traffic carry a key position, become with coastal 3 big cities group photograph echo, with circumjacent city group the vital regional economy center that receives relatively, become the throughout the country " two model society " the model of construction sets an example area. System of executive frame of form a complete set is initial form, 131 plan to include Wuhan city the group " two model society " after I save   of the pilot project that start to give overall program of   of detailed list of 1.143 trillion yuan of major projects to win approval, how to go carrying out? Yesterday, save governmental introduction, current and preliminary formed what cover suitably with overall program to implement frame system. Among them, change around the project, capital is changed, in the detailed account of the major project that start that policy changes formation test division to build, plan to include Wuhan city the group " two model society " the pilot project that start has 131, invest total dimensions to amount to 1.143 trillion yuan. Scale of 5 special programs develops blue print   around overall program, I saved form a complete set to make 5 policy of 6 5 special programs, form a complete set, focal points platform of a detailed list of a plan of 3 years of the job, actions, major project, operation. Among them, 5 special programs are equivalent to the specific executive plan that test division builds, the construction that encircles future for Wuhan city and development scale blue print. 5 special programs include a space program of career of program, industrial development program, integrated traffic program, society and zoology environment program. Policy of 6 form a complete set basically is 6 respects such as the face of tax of investment, wealth, land, environmental protection, finance, talent that prop up. Natural resources of career of move of draw together industry, society shares 5 keys tool bag, chain of group of industrialization of city border railroad, agriculture, trade is managed etc. Plan short arrangement according to growing, my province plans 3 years of executive actions the Communist Party of China to involve 9 big fields 38 reform task. Build the financing platform   that changes a service for put together yesterday, my province still established Hubei to save combination to expand investment firm. The company encircles 9 municipal government by province government and Wuhan city, 6 large the enterprise central is collective and contributive establish, register capital 3.2 billion yuan, main task is base oneself upon within urban circle before project of look up sex, foundation sex, commonweal sex, adopt governmental guiding, commercialize operational way, build encircle for the city " two model society " those who build integrated form a complete set to reform an experiment to serve is large cast financing platform. The pilot project that start in all 131   should push reform test, overall development train of thought still wants body to go up in specific project now. According to introducing, in the detailed list of the major project that start that test division builds, plan to include Wuhan city the group " two model society " the pilot project that start in all 131, invest total dimensions 1.143 trillion yuan. The major project that starts construction this year 58, invest total dimensions 537.5 billion yuan, among them, the plan invests 42.9 billion yuan this year; Work of the early days that start is major project 45, invest total dimensions 216.4 billion yuan; The major project that the plan that start works in all 28, invest total dimensions 389.1 billion yuan. Current, if Wuhan is new harbor, green hill, in relief patrol, E Zhou is demonstrative area of systemic circulation economy, big east the construction that compose of zoology of lake a network of rivers builds project, Wuhan to face empty economy area and establish Wuhan to protect tax other people to flow to a batch of major projects such as the center had entered early days to work or be started. Circle of city of Wuhan of   of Wuhan city circle is by Wuhan and periphery the Huang Shi inside 100 kilometers limits, E Zhou, filial piety is felt, Huang Gang, Xian Ning, celestial being peach, go door of river, day. 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