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"Although exterior condition is such difficult, but Chinese economy is basic the face is good, the internal force that Chinese economy grows is very powerful still. " on September 27, attending " first 2008 China (Taiyuan) capital and forum of height of landed buy course of study " when, jing Yuan of Yao of division of total economy of national statistic bureau expresses, "Pass large half an year to carry out, price of the end of macroscopical adjusting control that China wants to realize annual, control is exorbitant grow too quickly, can come true certainly. "   Yao Jingyuan thinks in the speech, look from the practice of large this year half an year, national economy moves in, CPI index begins fall after a rise to May. Present prices is in all the time fall after a rise, according to present phasic analysis, hind 4 months price index will continue to appear trend of smooth fall after a rise. At the same time he points out, although implementation of target of macroscopical adjusting control should do not have a problem, but Chinese economy increases risk of fast existence fall after a rise. "The macroscopical adjusting control of current state keeps smooth around whole economy move, prevent to appear big cases to fall greatly, be in those who carry policy is successional with stability while, all sorts of issues that the country is increasing pair of economy to carry appear in profession undertake be answeringed neatly, we should see the country moves condition to having the assurance of comprehensive and complete science to whole economy. " Yao Jingyuan thinks, although be below so difficult situation, chinese economy should obtain better achievement to do not have any problems this year. Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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