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Help city! Nanjing building city had appeared in September advocate a tower over a city gate dish cannot sell one day the situation. At this point, nanjing city local government moves eventually, want to hit needle of potion strong heart to building city! Yesterday, nanjing municipal government holds a press conference formally, released " the opinion that stabilizes healthy progress about maintaining estate market " , in all 20 policy involve house property, land, prices, taxation, finance, build appoint, branch of person travel Nanjing, program, hair changes appoint, all municipal and people's air defense, public, industrial and commercial, public security sections that concern with building city, buy room allowance, accumulation fund to borrow money to will offer the directest privilege to the citizen that buy a house among them, strength is unprecedented! These 20 house property are new politics be called " Chengdu of be in harmony, Xi'an, Changzhou " and other places saves municipal plan to be an organic whole " be a comprehensive expression of person " . It is reported, "20 " in, the most conspicuous have the following regulations: - L0 came 1 days month 2008 during September 30, 2009, every buys 90 square metre the following (contain 90 square metre) commodity housing (contain secondhand housing) , offer house money total the subsidy of 1% ; Every buys 90-144 square metre the following (contain L44 square metre) commodity housing (contain secondhand housing) , offer house money total the subsidy of 0.5% . - cancel commodity house " an one price " administrative pattern, the price is being coached by development business the proper motion on the foundation of valence adjusts. - be in secondhand when the room trades, regulation " the pass on after 5 years just can be avoided pay business tax " , but its buy a house node of initiative time computation, will unified delimit is " date of card of the ancient bronze mirror of contract of commodity house business that register " , and press no longer original " date of agree tax pay taxes or date of record of house property card " to allow. - " high-grade room " the standard has secretly change, from at the outset many regulation such as monovalent, area became limit with the area give priority to, 144m2 became the main standard that high-grade room limits. - in addition, borrow about accumulation fund room, the message says, specified amount of loan of Nanjing housing accumulation fund is spent will from 200 thousand existing yuan / the person increases 300 thousand yuan / person. This edition writes Zheng Chunping of   of of Xiao Bo of Yin of Sun Jie of reporter of article wall bulletin city of building of Nanjing of   of of salangane of Chen Ying king saves Dou Yiwen, reasonable maintain secondhand housing trades the dot when taxation is collected, reduce the revenue burden in the dweller is bought and transferring building process further. Floor area of 2 pairs of first housing average per capita did not achieve the standard of area of housing of whole town average per capita, improvement that buy a house the person buy a house of oneself housing condition, when buying house of the 2nd ring, can prep according to from housing loan policy is carried out first. 3 plan to come on stage raise accumulation fund forehead to spend, provincial the concerned policy that accumulation fund of housing of different ground application borrows money. Supportive citizen him extraction, spouse and accumulation fund of housing of directly-related members of one's family -parents buy policy sex housing. 4 fulfil a room to change, executive room fills, to 90m2 the following (the 1% computation that contain 90m2) to press total house money, 144m2 is the following (contain 144m2) to press 0.5% computation, allowance extends when card of conduction property right. 5 strengthen " sell old buy new " tax cost touchs those who buckle policy to carry out strength. 6 accelerate harmonious processing room to correct the problem of room, of all kinds bequeath in tearing open change to find a place for room property right is dealt with, encourage a room to change a room, tear open change to find a place for the room appears on the market current. 7 increase safeguard sex housing to build strength, preferential fulfil construction to use the ground and fund, optimize economy applicable housing, cheap is hired room and in optional location of program of low commodity house and construction of establishment of form a complete set, family of difficulty of housing of main safeguard low income, tear open change door to find a place for reach special talent to introduce wait for housing demand. 8 accelerate push danger old house piece the area is transformed and old house is integrated punish project. 9 increase finance to give aid to policy, increase estate credit to put in strength effectively further. 10 estate develop an enterprise to participate in or project of development of contemporary service line of business builds form a complete set, can enjoy privilege. 11 before September 30, 2009, estate develops a business but delay is handed in or in installment the construction plan cost such as cost of the cost of infrastructure form a complete set that pay development involves, people's air defense, the longest can adjourn to conduction sale before licence. 12 normative taxation are collected, before estate company project is finishing open to booking income, the standard of floor level of predicting profit margin that sets by national revenue policy imposes enterprise income tax beforehand, execute the prepay that press season, press year of liquidation. 13 encourage associated development, delay pays fee of city power plan. 14 optimize land to supply policy, can adjourn appropriately via approval, complete, and in installment or defer gold of pay land sell one's own things. 15 strengthen " one city 3 areas " construction of infrastructure of form a complete set. 16 cancel " an one price " , strengthen price order government and market construction of sincere letter system. 17 strengthen commodity the room is opened to booking and secondhand the room trades capital is superintended. 18 adjust housing to supply dimensions and structure appropriately. After building project classics to approve, can cover to the building model the design is made necessary adjust. 19 simplify the examination of estate development domain link, rise handle affairs efficiency, in helping harmonious solution develop construction definitely tear open form a complete set of change and water, report, gas to contradict legally. 20 strengthen estate market to monitor an analysis, build break out communal incident lash-up soundly beforehand case. Why should help city? 20 opinions that publish this, be regarded to be a government by the personage inside numerous course of study " rescue building city " lift. Why should that help city? Guo Hong of deputy director general of bureau of Nanjing city house property decides an explanation to say, of this policy come on stage, immediate cause is " this year the depression of Nanjing estate market, arrived to want to adjust when, this need not evasive " , he lists a reason to be as follows: One of, the development of Nanjing estate market invests this year and the index such as area of new go into operation appeared to glide apparently, the amplitude that development of estate of the beginning of the year invests has 40% much, 1, the amplitude August drops, this although be,growing, but compare with the whole nation and the index appearance that save completely, low many, "Without house new go into operation, appear on the market without bridal chamber, this year the area of new go into operation of commodity house, 1, July is negative grew 20% " , at the same time land clinchs a deal the quantity also is in drop, "If do not take step, bring about necessarily henceforth unbalance of supply demand relations, bring about the market to appear big cases to fall greatly then " . Secondly, the trade that real estate involves is more, rough statistic has 50 many industries, once real estate produces a problem, with respect to can immediate impact the health of whole economy develops, occurrence economy loses growth, many unemployment, sodden poop deck, even financial venture, the government does not wish to see this, so stable real estate appears very important. Thirdly, the housing of dweller average per capita that Nanjing urban district still has 40% to control still is less than the 30 comparatively well-off standards of smooth rice, "The improvement of housing of this part masses and the demand that increase newly in great quantities, must rely on enhance estate market development to solve " , this is the issue that affects housing the people's livelihood directly, must get be amelioratived effectively. Its 4, the duty of estate market expends income, it is the capital safeguard that solves problem of housing of low income family, room city is stagnant, influence duty expends income, capital safeguard also can appear problem. Its 5, this is the main reason that government of a need gives market of action stability estate, because once building city is queasy, house price falls greatly, this kind of praedial fortune also meets dweller residence considerably shrink, with respect to the life of common people of can immediate impact, consumption and investment, a lot of common people do not wish to see this. Guo Hong says surely, no matter will look from which reason, government " help city " already imperative. 2006 - building city heat must warm a hand 2007, rolled out at that time " country 6 " " country 8 " will to building city drop in temperature, nanjing implements national policy actively also; And the building for sale that Nanjing building city still has 6 million M2 so far now, 60% what occupy annual to predict sale, nanjing building city is already exceeding deep cold. Below such setting, nanjing city hair changes appoint, the 10 many branches such as tax of tax of house property, prices, land, land, state began survey, after classics municipal government is decision-making, published these 20 policy formally, it is a hope " through this policy roll out, demonstrate governmental attitude, maintain estate market to make the same score steady healthy progress namely, stabilize market confidence, prevent house price big cases to fall greatly " , help low income family come true thereby " live to be resided somewhat " , numerous implementation of hive off of supportive greater part " live house having appropriate " . Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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