All the whole line of link of valence inside and outside drops Wuhan development
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This week is making work Lou Panjun price drops to outer shroud all fronts from core. Although develop business not less to express, won't use depreciate will attract a client, but, and this year " 51 " before price of every smooth Mi Jun compares a week 6680 yuan, this week 6376 yuan / the price of square metre, showed Wuhan building city all price drops really truly. In a week before the National Day, many buildings dish lower the price in succession, it is good to hit to had begun " 11 " this battles prepare. This week whole all price drops last week compared to the same period 64 yuan / square metre. With before paragraph time building dish " still hold the lute in the arms half block face " depreciate method photograph is compared, building of at present Wuhan dish depreciate become direct. Pan Benzhou of all along strong core line building depreciates most fierce, friendship international rolls out every to average meter of 6880 yuan discount price especially, attracted many person that buy a house. The building that relies on activity, discount to attract customer dish already amount to is not much, below wait-and-see big environment, many buildings dish express, depreciating is to attract the person that buy a house. The building that does not depreciate however dish not little also, respect of garden of green jade laurel expresses, the price won't drop absolutely, have some of activity in the light of old client only. Shortly will go " gold 9 " , building city had in August relatively slightly improvement, especially around of the Mid-autumn Festival, many buildings dish express to sell " still go " , hind east of lake flourishing age, Wu Chang of 100 luck scene admit chip have right result, apartment of gold of the platinum that watch a lake sold ten last week, the first phase that life landscape the Mid-autumn Festival pushs newly 3 form a delegation to also be sold well. But, "Gold 9 " not be the straw that help, also have many buildings dish express, "Cold " still continueing, depreciating also is not killer mace. New Hua Lu piece area, controller of sale of city of brilliant carrying 琇 on the head expresses, the sale is not quite good recently, flat now not throw the troops into battle; Chief also expresses related front courtyard of day lunar corona, sale outstanding achievement is not ideal. And the building with these not hopeful sales dish express mostly, manage the current situation, to 11 forthcoming, do not have plan of what sales promotion. Value is final in September a few days, many buildings dish each shows special prowess, force is caught " gold 9 " tail, grab ahead of schedule " silver-colored 10 " . Big old and well-known family of park of · of the lake austral China · expresses, floor price will be hit during National Day 9 fold; Xin city international 11 push 3 Jin Runya garden newly, open quotation has ternary privilege. And most development business shows, the activity of 11 still is in the plan. Responsibility edits: Long for Mu?

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