Only two developers are waiting to see the weekend to push the new real estat
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November has been into the mid-season spike in the property market, watching the atmosphere has also been extended, following the sale last week, only one source of supply to the market after more than 80 suites, a slight improvement this week, there is a Jiangbei were opened with the west, on the dual impact . First City Saturday launched a new earth is expected to more than 200 homes suites source, Tianyi Pavilion launched a set of high-rise housing 64. But on Friday about the recent opening of the market but was Suning Rui City steal the show, sent a price signal, that is next Tuesday City Lights will be the opening of the small size of international apartment hardcover products will also be out of 10,000 yuan / square meter starts. View north of the city market is just around the corner, made of pure new disk large Yan Lan Bay and Forte have begun to warm the new capital were open international field Sales offices and showroom. At the end of bargain-hunting, perhaps it is time. 苏宁睿 City Will be released Nov. 12 units of 89-209 square meter two-bedroom to four bedrooms houses, the average price of 16,300 yuan / square meter, the current payment of earnest money to go on-site 5 million, the opening scene 摇号 the election room. Nov. 13 opening First City Xindi home Opening is expected on November 13, launched more than 200 sets of five small high availability, room size 50-120 square meters, is expected to average 5500-5600 yuan / square meter. Tianyi Pavilion Xu has been leading sales, recently opened, the introduction of a total of 64 sets of high-rise housing, an area of 148-182 square units, is expected to average 23,500 yuan / square meter, the current payment of earnest money can go to the sales offices to select the room number 50000. Nov. 16 opening Opening is expected on November 16, 1300 launch of apartments set hardcover, with an area of 40-60 square meters apartment, 3 meters high, is expected to price 10000 yuan / square meter, the water 65 years of civil rights.