Zhengzhou office building rents equipment to forget: Analytic environment, searc
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In recent years as traffic facilities ceaseless and perfect, new Lou Yu also emerges in endlessly in each the city zone. If where,hire in the high buildings and large mansions of these row upon row of agree with the issue that oneself office building already became numerous businessman to pay close attention to most.

The costliest, highest grade office building is not first-rate choice certainly, the company still should notice when choosing a building below a few problems:

One, the environment that answers office building undertakes an analysis.

For example, firm of head of one home appliance should choose computer market to compare active area, resembling science and technology should be the first selection of this kind of company near the market. Because here area is famous high-tech area, computer industry is more mature, of soft, hardware offer very convenient, service system is relatively perfect. It is market of science and technology likewise around, if one travels,the company is established hereat relatively not proper. Because of the company establish whether should have corresponding client considering periphery at the same time group and traffic advantage is spent.

2, the acting company with right choice but get twice the result with half the effort.

Choose a few figure first the information that the acting company of beautiful of good, public praise provides to its and service undertake making an on-the-spot investigation, choose a representative that makes oneself finally. Professional acting corporation will be all-around much angle ground is client consider, the requirement that raises according to client place is offerred as far as possible detailed information, return the problem that can remind a client to notice a few themselves consider to be less than.

3, the building that should be interested in place dish undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot.

Inspect its interior construction is knowable its utilization rate, and can judge its according to the discretion of utilization rate hire is reasonable. Different company has diverse demand or love to the exterior, interior design of office building. From exterior tell should notice a building tall, floor and exterior; Tell what should notice condole carries stucco of laid of height, ground, metope and circuitry on the head to offer from interior. Additional, vitreous front, daylighting also should try to notice.

4, the property management of office building is crucial.

The property management company with good due and professional office building undertakes administrative. Its manage what the project includes water, report to offer, elevator maintenance, circuit, conduit is maintained, the maintenance of establishment of building system interior is waited a moment. Once the client raises a requirement, manage a company to should make reaction solve a problem quickly instantly. The investigation that provides a case to these project content can ask the company that has joined, survey the satisfactory rate that they manage to office building.
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