Henan " build housing oneself " second reading give heat
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"I think, citizen individual or free organization can be obtained lawfully, make over land access, use at building housing of for private use oneself, but limitation needs to make over inside certain time limit, in order to distinguish the legal management action of estate development company. "

On July 8, office of office of natural resources of land of delegate of Henan province National People's Congress, province grows Zhang Qisheng to be in its about " Henan province is carried out < land management method > method " put forward so among modification opinion. This is in standing committee of Henan province National People's Congress announces the 589 places legislation that draft to plan that day fix eyes upon all the more among the proposal.

Zhang Qisheng the basis of this one proposal is " sell one's own things of state-owned land access mixes town make over temporary regulations " regulation, "Domestic and international organization and individual all can gain land access lawfully, undertake developing using " .

Zhang Qisheng thinks, allow a citizen to build housing of for private use oneself, all sorts of OK and normative fund raising the behavior that build a house, enrich demand of average citizen housing, adjust urban citizen housing is insufficient, company of development of estate of effective keep within limits operates house price rises wait for social corruption phenomenon, abound urban construction and market to adjust then mechanism.

To this, jade of chief economist Liu records Oriental development research center (guest of Liu Yulu rich, liuyu records news, liu Yulu says) express, once this proposal is adopted, can break the onefold pattern that only legal person and orgnaization took the land in the past, be helpful for realizing land access to develop toward the direction of diversity.

"The individual obtains land access to be in jural without what obstacle, but the individual that at present our country has capital actual strength to take the land is less, more is to pass legal person or copartner combination to take the land. The development cost in view of the building is higher, copartner takes the ground to cause capital risk more easily jointly. " Liu Yulu says.

Henan " build housing oneself " second reading give heatBy

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