12.5 billion buy TVB Yang Guojiang to be about to cast again 17 billion save Hol
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Yang Bin of problem rich and powerful person invests " the first village of Chinese " , also be current at the same time home " project of the largest sodden remaining part " Shenyang " Holand village " project near future will in order to make public sell one's own things of form of invite public bidding. The reporter learned a few days ago, group of garden of green jade laurel undertakes this project of purpose.

"Will inspect oneself capital ability and project gain foreground, will consider those who participate in Holand village project to rebuild. " garden of green jade laurel expresses, because land is all homecoming home is all, process of all land sell one's own things must go the channel of open sell one's own things, after the company needs to await Shenyang municipal government to handle relevant law procedures, participate in public land invite public bidding again.

As we have learned, although " Holand village " complex setting planned to bring difficulty to rebuild, shenyang municipal government takes this project seriously very much. Recently, li Yingjie of Shenyang city mayor and Yang Guojiang of chairman of group of garden of green jade laurel had rebuilt " Holand village " relevant matters concerned undertook exchanging views. Li Yingjie expresses, support group of garden of green jade laurel enlists Holand village to go bankrupt recombine.

Yang Guojiang is responded to, group of garden of green jade laurel invests the plan 2.5 billion dollar (make an appointment with a RMB 17 billion yuan) , cooperate Shenyang municipal government to revive " Holand village " . This is afterwards " 12.5 billion buy TVB " later, yang Guojiang again plan is bought with great quantity.

As we have learned, shenyang municipal government and the government of Yu Hong district that Holand village is in already together, will hold water special " office of Holand village project " , support this with all one's strength so-called " country is the biggest sodden end project " the project undertakes developing.

Mr Zhang tells Shenyang person the reporter, "' Holand village ' sodden end several years, had made a sore point of Shenyang city, these a few governments leave no stone unturned should square this scar. " but because " Holand village " project land has not deal with farming ground to turn up to now with formalities, at present formal land sell order has not been finished formally, go up objectively to took over this project to increase difficulty for the successor.

The message says, the way that the project develops Shang Yangbin to ever tried to make gold of land sell one's own things in order to fill 2001 formerly gains the legal access of land, but as a result of after this gold of its land sell one's own things did not reach the designated position tardy, land uses card to also be called in finally.

12.5 billion buy TVB Yang Guojiang to be about to cast again 17 billion save Holand village
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